Yes please! More of this life of Good, more of this feeling of joy, more of this feeling of the Divine Presence that lives me; more of an ‘always on’ mindful awareness of the Divine Power of the Inner Presence expressing in, as and through me.


More love, more gratitude, more grace, more strength, more wisdom, more power, more understanding, more enthusiasm. It pours out ceaselessly through grace, it always rains grace and goodness and grace reigns supreme. Look about you to the majesty of creation you are immersed in and that you are, accepting, receiving and ceaselessly praying - yes, yes, yes God; more please! - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Move deeper, go deeper and touch the Power that moves the wave to the shoreline. Go deeper and consider the Wisdom that inspires the forest to come forth from the acorn. Go deeper and feel the Life that calls the bud of the rose to unfurl into all its beauty and splendor. Go deeper and touch the Love that calls you to feel with compassion and tenderness; the Love that always provides for its own. Go deeper and live from the joy and happiness, peace and harmony you feel and see expressing as the mist from the mountain kisses the air over the ocean as they’re both embraced by the morning sun. This is Spirit expressing and what you are made of. Live life deeper with Love as you stand in reverential awe of all that is Good and all that is God. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Peace, like a river, flows through my consciousness. The waters of Divine Life cleanse my soul and I am vibrantly alive standing in reverential awe of all that is Good, all that is God, all that is Life, all that is Joy, all that is Love. With faith I stand on a foundation of spiritual strength knowing I Am guided by Divine Wisdom and prospered by Divine Love. The flow of my good is ceaseless as I live firmly rooted and grounded in Love in every thought, word and action. Under grace in perfect ways I recognize my abundant blessings and appreciate all that is. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Spirit move me

You already breathe all that I Am

Spirit lift me

You already love all that I Am

Spirit show me

So I really know all that I Am

Divine Life live me so now I see

That from this breath forward

All that I Am

Is One with all that You are.


In this sacred silence I affirm:

The breath of Divine Life that IS Love.

The Light of Divine Wisdom that knows

Now and forever guides me and lives me,

prospers me and receives here and now

my profound gratitude

For this abundantly blessed Life I live.

- Stephen J. Kosmyna

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YOU are closer than my very breath. I Am still and I know, yet I Am pulled into You and I rise. Pulled into Your Light, Love lifting me, raising me.

Grabbing Your hand I sail above all the clouds and shadows. This is the secret place of the Most High where I Am living with peace, wisdom, joy and prosperity. In this Light, 'I Am' is the hand we hold, the hand we are. At One with all of life. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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How would you like to visit the most beautiful place on earth right now? It's called the Secret Place of the Most High. It is within you, this kingdom of heaven. Close your eyes today. Make a decision to do it everyday.

  • Visit with the Divine living in your soul.

  • Curl up on a pillow of Love.

  • Rest for a moment on a bed of Appreciation.

  • Bask in the Light of Spirit

  • See the beauty of Life.

  • Feel the Power and Presence within you.

It doesn't cost a dime and you return so much richer ..... - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Divine Reality penetrates all that has appeared as real but is unreal. The illusions vanish and fade in Divine Light. Spirit moving freely within reveals our Oneness and announces our Divine Brilliance declaring what needs to be discovered is now found, and IT is within all.

Divine Light clears away, doubt, fear and thoughts of lack and limitation that are artificial. Our true Source is revealed in all ITS infinite glory. Standing on a foundation of spiritual strength and power we now claim the Reality of our Kingdom of Good, our Bounty of Prosperity, and reap the Divine Fruits of Wisdom, Inspiration and Guidance. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Awesome. If you're reading this, you and I get the gift of another day of life! Stop, take a breath, inhale love and exhale gratitude. We sometimes take our days for granted, yet I assure you there are those who right now are cherishing one more day or even praying for one more day. Yep, another day of life, live it, live it in love, live it in thanksgiving and joy! - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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Thou art enthroned in me and I Am grateful. My Source of all Good is closer than my very breath. In Spirit I live and move and have my beingness and Spirit moves, lives, loves and has ITS Presence everywhere so also in me. Today and every day, walking in this awareness, I know that it is my true nature to display; Joy to the World. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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In the silence, be still and allow Divine Light to so confuse your senses so much that you actually taste the fragrance of Spirit and all that IT is as it saturates your very soul. Hear what you see through the lens of your heart, touch what doesn't appear to be there and feel how real IT is. Live from this Inner Light, express from this Inner Light, you are One with this Inner Light. Be still and know as you inhale the aroma of Divine Love, that you are an individualized expression of the Divine Presence that is everywhere; One. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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I Am here now, in the breeze that kisses your cheek, in the spaces between the notes in your music, in every cloud, every ray of sunshine, in the power that calls the bud of the rose to unfurl; I Am. In your body, mind, spirit and soul; I Am. Be still and know that. All that I Am is right where you are, I live you and breathe you. Walk this day knowing I Am, and let your joy be complete. - Stephen J. Kosmyna

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