I’m moving upward
I’m moving
I’m growing
I’m stepping into
MORE of me
in all that I do.
Even the shadows
that I move through,
even the lessons
that I move through in life,
I’m moving upward
into MORE of me!
A greater,
expanded version
of me,
a more loving version of me.
A more abundant way
of just living life
moving through it,
always rising higher,
always soaring
but NOT trying.
Just Allowing
Standing in the flow of Grace
Standing in the flow of Love
Standing in the flow of Life
Thank you God
for this amazing
to LIVE,
to be ALIVE
and to walk
in so much JOY.
Thank you God.
– Stephen J. Kosmyna

  • Barbara SnowMarch 6, 2017 at 4:06 am

    That was beautiful


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