Pulled Into You I Rise MUSIC

I remember just a few short years ago waking up in the middle of the night and having the first line of what turned out to be a song (below) come to me. I reached for a pen and pad and there wasn’t any thing to write with next to my bed. I remember saying to myself, “It’s OK, I’ll remember that”, then more words began to flow. I sat up and said this is too good! From nothingness to a complete work out of seeming no where. Truly a Divinely inspired work! I wasn’t really sure who it was for at the time but for sure it expressed feelings that I longed to experience with “The One.” I also remember getting up just a couple hours after laying down the the pen and page, stepping into the shower and having a melody simply download. I was speaking quite regularly with my dear friend and singer songwriter in Costa Rica, Alba Molina who I shared a very rough version of the melody I had in my head. Dear Alba surprised me with a recording of what she heard coming through me and I am forever grateful for her gift. I also felt something as I heard my song playing back to me.I could hear that “The One” it was intended for could also be Source / God / Spirit with a very slight adjustment to a few lines. Those words are in the (parentheses) below

Pulled into you I rise
Pulled into you love raises me raises me
Grabbing your hand I climb
Drawn to your soul – I fly higher and higher (drawn to your Light)
Wrapped in your love I soar
A world far beyond
Above the clouds we sail….
This is
The heaven we dreamed of
This is
The place we belong
This is
Where life begins now
This is
A new love our home

In each other’s arms (In God’s loving arms)
We write our love story
In each other’s arms
Limits are unknown
Here love is deeper
Here love is higher
Brighter is the light Together than alone
The Light that’s ever shown……

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