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August 2016

Hello and welcome,


I’m Stephen J. Kosmyna and my whole life revolves around human potential development more commonly known as personal development and passion based living. I focus on the spiritual laws of attraction, success, prosperity and dream building.

The Divine Purpose that calls me, is to motivate, uplift and inspire and share my message of profound personal transformation. To show others that just like me, through changes in our thoughts and attitudes and cooperating with the precise spiritual laws of the Universe, regarding success, attraction and prosperity, every individual soul can transform their own life. My mission is to model and demonstrate that all things are possible, for all people, not just a select few, but for every child of God as we align with Source – with God as our guide, rooted and grounded in love, joy and appreciation.

I AM NOW living the dream and loving the life I’ve created for myself. The great news for you is that you can live yours too!

Whether you are looking to develop an executive level income as an entrepreneur working from anywhere in the world with your laptop and phone or simply looking for a home study program focusing on success, prosperity, and leadership development for yourself or you company, you’re in the right place at the right time.

I also love marketing and I have digital business packs available too. These packages will get you fluent in new age marketing and personal branding no matter what business you’re immersed in.

It’s time to live your life out loud. It’s time to move away from the herd. It’s finally time to believe that there is a better way and step into a life that’s even better than you’ve imagined.

Take the first step and make the decision to have a one on one conversation with me. Part interview, part getting to know each other more. We’ll uncover your TRUE purpose and get you on track to stepping into the life you would really love to live!

Let’s speak soon, so that I can be instrumental in assisting YOU, to live a life transformed too!


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