You’re Soaking In PROSPERITY 17

Today’s audio is number 17 and the final entry in my 17 day Prosperity Path Series. This podcast is an affirmation meditation that will move you in consciousness to sense of soaking in prosperity and being saturated with abundant blessings. Please allow yourself about 30 minutes to take this ‘audio prosperity bath.’ Listen and listen often and you WiLL make the shift!

Rev. Stephen J. Kosmyna UNITY PROSPERITY

  • Maureen RichmondAugust 20, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Like all these excellent podcasts, the episode on Forgiveness touches my heart deeply. The wonderful thing about Rev. Stephen’s spiritual guidance is that he is so open and honest about his own spiritual learning. When we’re hurting or afraid, it helps to hear the stories of others who surmounted their issues to rise in spiritual success. This episode is wonderful for that purpose. I felt supported to go deeper into those connections and situations which have left a trace on memory and soul. Great spiritual leadership, this!

  • Maureen RichmondAugust 27, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    I had what Reverend Stephen calls a “win” as a result of this podcast meditation. I realized that when I “relax into God,” as Rev. Stephen encourages here, that I am letting go and melting into union with the allness, goodness, and fullness of God. This is where perfect balance and right composure exist. God adjusts us into total spiritual harmony, so that we are right on the inside and therefore right on the outside. It’s more than that, however. Relaxing into God means to stop the worries about this and that and instead to trust in this energy field of totality which we call by the name God. The energy field of totality contains prosperity and healing. It contains completion for us because it is total and complete within itself. I know I sound like a Science of Mind treatment talking here, but it’s true that the energy field of God is the all in all. When we focus on it, we stop looking at the effects of separation from that consciousness of the divine energy field. Just abiding in the energy field of divine totality corrects the partiality of focusing on effects. Just abiding! That’s all we need to do! And then, after we do that, we can visualize the specific attainments we want, if it seems important. Often it doesn’t seem so terribly important to specify desires after the abiding phase, which pretty well answers all questions!


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